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Factory Registration

We are into the services of Factory licenses registration, which is mandatory for all factory holders to operate in India. We assure ourselves that familiar with every detail, involved in Factory Registration, which enables us to offer specialized services.

Factory registration requires several documents to be submitted such as factory layout plan and Planning Permit, with the concerned authority. We can carry out the whole process of Factory Registration in a speedy, hassle-free manner and complete solutions that are chalked out according to the specific requirements of our clients.

Each and every company with a minimum of ten employees and above which using a minimum of 10Hp and above, the company will be applicable under IF.

Registration process involves

  • Company registration and other statutory documents from the employer
  • Preparation of necessary Forms for licensing process and take necessary actions.
  •  Collect or arrange to receive the company's building plan from the civil engineers. The plan contains details about the machineries being used, HP and other details.
  • The prepared documents with necessary forms are submitted to the IF department to get the licenses.
  • Further we are in touch with client to maintain the IF records that must be followed.
  • Every calendar year during the month of October the factory license have to be renewed this is also done by us.