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Employee Provident Fund (EPF)

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is one of the main platforms of savings in India for nearly all people working in Private sector Organizations.

The main aim of the EPF scheme is to promote retirement savings for employees across India. The Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) is a corpus of funds built through regular, monthly, contributions made by an employee and his/her employer. The amount contributed to the fund is based on a fixed rate. Employees earn interest on their EPF balances. Both, the interest earned and the total amount withdrawn at maturity are tax-free, making this one of the most popular forms of long-term retirement savings among the working population in India. Besides retirement, funds accumulated in an employee's EPF account can also be used at time of resignation or death.

ESI Services, EPF Services, Payroll Services, Certification Services
The Employee contributes 12% of his /her Basic Salary & the same amount is contributed by the Employer .
Employees drawing basic salary upto Rs 6500/-  (Rs. 15000/- from 01.09.2014) have to compulsory contribute to the Provident fund and employees drawing above Rs 6501/- ( (Rs. 15001/- from 01.09.2014)) have an option to become member of the Provident Fund .
Yes because provident fund contribution by the employer & employee is not a taxable income for Income Tax purpose.
For an employee to become eligible for Pension fund, he has to complete membership of the Fund for 10 Years.
Any establishment which employs 20 or more employees. Except apprentice and casual laborers, every Employee including contract labour who is in receipt of basic salary up to Rs. 6500 p.m. (Rs. 15000/- from 01.09.2014) is covered by the Act.

Services Offered in EPF

  • Obtaining the EPF Code.
  • Procession of Online Transfer from previous employer.
  • Guiding the management in labor oriented payments /Accounts / Lawful matters, and assisting at the time of EPF inspections.
  • Working out the monthly PF contributions from the Pay Roll and preparation of Challan for payment of PF dues within the due date.
  • Assisting the Members to claim/Transfer their Provident Fund Accumulations.
  • Creating UAN (Universal Account Number) for new employees.
  • Documents Required for new Employer PF Registration

  • Employer PAN card copy
  • Lease Deed / Rental Agreement
  •  Partnership Deed /COI, MOA and AOA
  • Copy of Telephone Bill / EB Bill
  • Copy of TNVAT / CST Certificate
  • List of Partners / Directors
  • Bank account details
  • First Sales Invoice / Service Bill
  •  Employee details
  •  Attendance/wages details
  •  No of employee (Name/Father Name/Dob/Resident Address/Contact Number/Salary Account Number/Marriage Status )Nomine details Name/Relationship/Address